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About me




BACKGROUND: University




My Background and Career

I grew up in Toulouse and attended university INSA to become an Engineer. I then lived in Canada where I started in the field of quality management .. This course allowed me to see many things in a short time and refine my professional ambition. In addition to my preference for management, I soon realised that I needed a job in line with my values: my commitment to the environment, but also the desire to put the economy at the service of humans. It is this path that led me to get interested in associative project Mobilib Canada while planning our return to France. This project opened my eyes to several advantages:
• my knowledge of carsharing Quebec
• a management position combined with a environmental project and social life in my home where I had my family.
I then met the association Mobilib here and I created this innovative form of a cooperative (a SCIC : Corporate Cooperative for Collective Interest) where employees, consumers, partners and local communities join in the governance.
The cooperative forms part of the sustainable development, offering a car sharing for short periods in a urban area. This allows families to have a convenient, economic, environmental and citizen service and avoids them having to acquire a vehicle.

My Experience

"My adventure with Mobilib started very well.  I met the right person in the right place, I just seized the opportunity and it all started. They needed someone and I had to prove my skills, and then I was offered responsibilities.
I didn't know anything about French fiscal and social laws and that was quite threatening, luckily I was supported by l'URSCOP (the regional network for cooperatives).
We made mistakes to start with, nobody could find us in Toulouse, so we had to improve our promotion !
Money: Having had money aside to fund the first months of volunteering during the start of the company, and then to be able to rely on the correct salary my husband to compensate for my low salary at start-up.
Family: my parents have supported me in my choice to anchor this adventure, while we were unknown. Initially there was very little success on the ability of this company.
Training: my training as an engineer is sufficiently general to allow for adaptation to the needs
Personality: I am demanding, I do not give up and I learned to be more pragmatic and optimistic North American! I've actually had a different approach to work, and it made me realise that could be undertaken within my reach, whereas without this ""exile"", I never dared to take the risk.


My Skills

I have the ability to learn, I adapt easily to change. In case of conflict, I seek peaceful solutions, I like to set goals and achieve them, I know how and when to ask for advice and use the experience of others. My personal development is important through my work

Hints & Tips

Lucky Saying: There are no problems. There are only solutions.

Believe in yourself. Don't be afraid to fail and to be wrong, find the right person with the right advice.
Keep time for yourself and demand equal treatment with men (in business and at home).You are a woman and it makes all the difference, use your "female skills"   as a strength. Submit your project to the judgment of relatives but also and especially other professionals (support structures for business creation, professional networks).
Remember to take the highs of each day and develop a persuasion to unite as many people around the project.
Maintain a balance between work and your family from, and if you feel you are undervalued because you're a woman, show the opposite and it will become an asset.


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