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200 Portraits

Under the name of 200 Portraits are 200 hidden stories about entrepreneur women or women that have broken the glass ceiling. Stories told in first person which show the hardships that they had to overcome or the support they received to get to where they are. Stories that tell us about skills that give us advice and encourage us to start a business or achieve a successful career. Stories which want to be mirrors women can be reflected upon to start their own life stories.


In each portrait of woman you can find a 001 video interview (English subtitles are available in all videos) and her story with the following information:

002 About me with some general information as her studies, the economical sector, the name of her business or the place where she works

003 My Background and Career with information about her studies, her professional experiences or some important success in her personal life

004 My Experience with an overview of different problems she had at the beginning of her project or later, decisive factors that helped her in her business or professional career, etc.

005 My Skills, a personal reflection of those skills or qualities that she had or she has had to acquire during her professional life

006 Hints & Tips with interesting advices to other women who want undertake a new entrepreneur’s project or women who want to develop their careers in male-dominated sectors

In order to facilitate the access to this information, you'll find the stories of women divided by:

  • Country: stories from 10 different European countries and all of them are available in English. Besides, stories from Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain are also available in all partners languages
  • Economical Sector: women from different countries are divided by 10 different economical sectors so you can compare how European women are implementing their business project or professional career in the same economical sector
  • Teaching Topics: 8 different teaching topics that can be used during the lessons or counseling activities and where you can find women from different countries talking about those specific topics. These topics and women are linked with the Manual Focus on Your Future where you can read tips, more information or learning resources.

You can find the stories of these women below (press the LOADMORE   button to hold more portraits or hold Shift key and press the LOADMORE  button to load all portraits) or by searching for their country of residence or for the economic activity where each woman develops their project. You can also use the web’s searching tool to make your own searches with keywords, choose those who may interest you the most!



  Need analysis Report “Looking at Women” (EN) 
Needs Report

An approach to women situation in Europe to identify the presence and participation by women in the different economical sectors, particularly contemplating the situation of women in the countries participating in 100Mirrors Extended project. The main aim is to identify gender gaps to know the possible causes consolidating this situation of inequality between women and men, and provide recommendations aimed at achieving balanced participation and driving social equality. This report can provide advisers to:

  • clarify, up-to-date material to work on equality and empowering women in the educational sphere
  • provide materials to contextualise the stories of entrepreneurial women (Mirrors portraits)
  • identify, through the words of women themselves, what capabilities, skills, difficulties, demands and advice they highlight from their own experiences with the ultimate aim of increasing awareness in youngsters about the necessary skills to start and implement a professional/business project.
  200 women portraits 
200 Women portraits

Under the name of 200 Portraits you can find 200 stories about entrepreneur women or women that have broken the glass ceiling in 10 European countries. The biggest collection of European female entrepreneurial stories on internet with women portraits translated in different languages (available in 8 languages) and videos interviews all subtitled in English. Success stories told by women of their intra- entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial attitudes, learning topics and tips to young women. Different stories of super top women in high above functions in hierarchy, entrepreneurs with a long history, where students can look up to; but also proactive women employed or self-employed with stories where students can relate to and recognise themselves in the choices they are up to. All role-models like to inspire and motivate the new generation to ‘Taking your own steps by learning it is possible!’ You can search the stories in 3 ways:

  • By a specific country: 10 European countries
  • By economical sector: 10 different economical sectors
  • By teaching topics: 5 different topics related to women from 7 European countries


 Manual Focus on Your Future (EN)  

Manual for Teachers and Career counsellors with tips and resources to enrich classroom practices with students or youngsters in training or career counselling. Those resources are linked to the contents of the portraits and can be used as tools, case-studies or examples, when you regularly not quite often use women as lead of certain subjects and want to improve identification means for female students. There are 5 different Teaching topics: Career development, Lead as a woman in a men’s world, Work & Life balance, Your own business and The power of mentoring & networking. In each of these topics you can find:

  • General overview and aims of the topic
  • Specific list of themes with links to women stories
  • Learning outcomes and other resources regarding the topic


 The Community   

Under the Community page you can find three different sections: the 100Mirrors Channel on Youtube, the 100Mirrors Page on Facebook and the Blog Women Talk. These three tools want to be a communication media with teachers, employment counselors, women entrepreneurs and people interested in gender issues. The objective is to provide interesting information and resources about gender, entrepreneurship and more success stories about women from all around the world to be used to enrich teacher’s classroom practice and career counselor’s advices.

  • The You Tube 100Mirrors Channel with direct access to Mirror women entrepreneurs videos and other interesting videos
  • The Community in Facebook, a community of people growing where teachers, career counselors, women entrepreneurs, etc. can find news to be used as learning topics and information about project activities
  • The Blog “Women Talk” where partners post a new story of women each week in some of partner’s languages (categories); those stories can be from partner’s countries or other countries around the world.




indigoINDICO (Instituto Internacional Innovacion, Conocimiento y Competencias) is an international agency for knowledge and innovation in vocational training for persons and organisations. It is a non-profit organisation for project management, transfer of the project results, and implementation in projects for innovation in knowledge development using new technologies applications. Indico is acknowledged by public institutions like the regional government and office of employment as a training provider. The orgaqnisation’s aims are managing and promoting innovative and creative projects in different sectors, improving personal skills and competences and promoting the real and the virtual mobility, organising international meetings. Also INDICO offers a variety of courses (on-line and blending) in different professional areas as University courses for entities and enterprises and Excellency cycles. The virtual classroom displays an innovative method of learning where most of the courses are guided by a tutor. INDICO has currently participated in European education projects since the year 2009. Most of the transnational experience is focussed on didactic innovation in materials and methodologies as well as in the leading edge of technical innovation.

INDICO will coordinate the general implementation of the project plan. The coordinator will set a clear exposition of the patterns and rules for communication, respect of agendas and deliverables. Debate will be promoted as a source of knowledge and ideas for the improvement of the project results.

c/ Jose Echegaray 12 local
50010 ZARAGOZA (Spain)
tel 0034 976 230022
e-mail: info(a)indico.info



Located in the Spanish autonomous region of Aragón, the University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR) has its headquarters in the city of Zaragoza (pop. ~ 700000), the chief town of the region. Zaragoza, the sixth largest city of Spain, is situated in the crossing of two neuralgic axes in north-eastern Spain, with a driving distance of 300 km to and from of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao and Toulouse (France).
This University has a decentralized character by virtue of its statutes. It’s for this reason that UNIZAR has academic campuses in five Aragon cities.
The UNIZAR is one the most ancient in Spain (was founded in 1542) and also one of the most active ones: more than 34000 students attending lectures of 80 degrees, 31 postgraduates courses, 88 doctorate degrees/masters and 104 specific Studies. Programs and research groups have been a credit to the Institution for years and make up our best reference.
The University of Zaragoza is the main center of technological innovation in the Ebro Valley and has great prestige among the group of both Spanish and European universities it has relations with.
The Faculty of Work and Social Sciences, the one involved in this project 100Mirrors, belongs to the "Campus S. Francisco" in Zaragoza city; among other studies, this Faculty imparts the Grade Study in Labour Relations and Human Resources and the Universitary Master in Gender Relations.

Contact Data:

Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y del Trabajo
C/ Violante de Hungría, 23
50009- Zaragoza
Link: https://sociales.unizar.es/
email: pvicente(a)unizar.es / montalvo(a)unizar.es

Universidad de Zaragoza
Pedro Cerbuna,12
50009 Zaragoza - España
Tel: 976 76 10 00
Link: http://www.unizar.es/



edraEDRA is an NGO – Social Cooperative Organization that is focused in the emotional and practical support in the areas of welfare and social economy. It is ISO 9001:2008 certified and registered at the National Organizations Registrar for Voluntarism. It is a very active organization that networks with a plethora of other similar national bodies in order to promote awareness and services to vulnerable groups (individuals, adults and children, women, elderly etc). Its overall goal consists on activities and services addressing the needs of socially vulnerable groups, among which mentally ill and children keep a prominent position. EDRA is running five psycho-social rehabilitation structures for adults with severe intellectual disability and secondary mental disorders and thirteen psycho – educational centers for children with learning disabilities. EDRA’s Centre of Social Economy – Entrepreneurship & Employment Support Department aims at creating employment and job opportunities through promoting and organizing an all inclusive entrepreneurship culture and projects. Creation of the new economic activity is in full accordance to the principles of social solidarity and expressed by the actual inclusion of the groups of people who are particularly vulnerable to employment injustices based very often on social, economic, race, sex, health statuses and thus very often EXCLUDED from equal opportunities to dignified employment.


Maria Kerasoglou – President
14 Dilou str, 121 34 Peristeri, Athens - Greece
Tel: +30 210-5913826
Fax: +30210-5762861
Email: mkerasoglou(a)yahoo.gr - info(a)edra-coop.gr


bpwThe International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International), founded in 1930, has become one of the most influential international networks of business and professional women with affiliates in 95 countries in five continents. It is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that has had Consultative Status with the United Nations through the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 1947.
The main aim of BPW is to develop the professional, business and leadership potential of women on all levels through advocacy, mentoring, networking, skill building and economic empowerment programs and projects around the world.
Women are encouraged to take professional responsibility on all levels in the economy, politics and society, to think and to act locally, nationally and internationally. Women are also empowered to engage in networking, mentoring and lobbying, to enjoy life-long learning and to develop multicultural friendships.
The local organization in the Czech Republic has two affiliated BPW Clubs (in Roztoky u Prahy and in Jeseníky). The annually organized Equal Pay Day (www.equalpayday.cz), which has tradition all around the Europe, is the biggest event of such type organized in the Czech Republic. This event point out the pay gap between men and women and addresses this topic among managers and business world, as well as the public.
For more information please visit bpwcr.cz (Czech version) or www.bpw-international.org


Ms Lenka Stastna




Kadis d.o.o. provides wide range of training courses and other human resource services. Since 1992 they’ve been a provider of various employability skills workshops and programmes for the Employment Service of Slovenia. They offer various programmes to schools regarding career guidance (workshops for students, parents and school counsellors) and also services for individuals and companies, such as individual career counselling, career development, recruitment and selection, training of employees, particularly in soft skills, implementation of labour law proceedings and other HRM services.
The team mainly consists of psychologists, pedagogues and sociologists, all experienced in training and education. They have years of experience with international projects, both as a promoter and a partner, all in the fields of training, assessment, career guidance and e-learning. Through EU projects they are actively working on further advancement of the services, state-of-the-art methodologies and technology to make the top quality services more accessible for all target groups.



Kadis, d. o. o.
Koprska ulica 72
1000 Ljubljana
Maja Rotar, maja(a)kadis.si

Tel: +386 1 200 81 80










doorkDoorpakkers - for entrepreneurs with perseverance- is a netMark/a network of self-employed advisors, trainers, coaches with a hands-on mentality for entrepreneurs in mainly creative and craft’s professions. On the items: Organisation, (Internet) Marketing, Finance, Personal and Professional Development and Well being. On our site http://www.doorpakkers.nl you will find a variety of tools, to freely use, to let growing yourself and your business. We feel it an honour to be able performing the project 100Mirrors Extended in the Netherlands, you can follow us http://www.doorpakkers.nl/Things2share.html



Ms Dorrit Wajer










enterE.N.T.E.R. (www.enter-network.eu) works as European network to support the dissemination and exploitation actions of EU funded projects at European level. It specialises in developing dissemination and exploitation strategies and produces a wide range of dissemination materials to meet the individual needs of a project. E.N.T.E.R. is vastly experienced in the organisation of events and in the development of promotional campaigns.




European Network for Transfer and Exploitation of EU Project Results
Ms. Nina Reiter








lumsaLUMSA (Libera Università Maria Ss. Assunta) is a private Italian Catholic university,founded in 1939 as the Istituto Superiore di Magistero “Maria Ss. Assunta”.

LUMSA consists of four Departments, responsible for all teaching and research. Each Department offers different degree courses: Department of Law (Rome), Department of Law ( Palermo), Department of Law (Rome), Department of Economic, Political Sciences and Modern Languages, Department of Human Studies. Postgraduate studies include:Doctoral programmes , Second Level Master’s Degree Programme, Vocational courses.

LUMSA is committed to: promoting scientific research and studies intended to advance the common good; providing young people with skills which will help them in their future professions and in fulfilling their wider social responsibilities; promoting lifelong education and supporting mature students providing financial support; ensuring, gender equality and equal opportunities between men and women. LUMSA is committed to best practices so as to ensure a healthy and comfortable working environment.


LUMSA—Libera Università Maria Ss. Assunta (IT)
Ms Paula Benevene



100MIRRORS ExtendedThe current 100Mirrors Extended Project originated through another European Project carried out between 2011-2013, the “100Mirrors Project”, with participation by 5 European countries (Spain, United Kingdom, France, Poland and Greece within the Lifelong Learning Programme). The principal objective of the former project was, given the lack of feminine benchmarks, to highlight and show models/examples of enterprising women (Mirrors) in any scope: social or business project.

According to the priority aims of the Erasmus+ Programme, the 100Mirrors Extended Project furthers previous objectives to five new European countries (Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, in addition to Greece and Spain) and focus on a new target group, teachers in higher education and career counselors, with the aim to present project contents as educational resources.

We have developed 3 main products:

  1. A need analysis Report with an approach to women situation in Europe: activity and entrepreneurship.
  2. The biggest collection of European female entrepreneurial stories on internet with women portraits translated in different languages and videos interviews subtitled in English
  3. A manual for teachers and career counsellors with tips to use the portraits in the educational system for students on specific learning or guidance points.

Under that perspective this project can be interesting for:

  • Teachers - of Degrees, Postgraduates and Masters, in subjects that are related to entrepreneurialism, organisation and management of businesses; subjects related to Labour Sciences, such as Human Resources and Career Advice, or teachers involved in Social Sciences, which could include equality as a transversal subject or the analysis of social reality. There is also the possibility of use by teachers of other more removed disciplines, in a transversal manner, to discuss the subject of (in)equality while teaching their subject with examples of interesting women.
  • Organisations/Departments in universities who are in charge of career advisers for students in their last year of study, and who task is to help/guide them to join the job market. These departments or organizations should provide students with a view of the current job market situation.
  • Observatories and professorships within universities that are in charge of organising talks, training courses and events such as Girl's Days to encourage girls to study technical and scientific degrees, or Women’s and Gender Masters Studies, located in different Faculties.
  • Continuous Professional Training dealing with entrepreneurialism, career advice, but also women's networks and associations, business and management associations, enterprising women and students who are interested in this subject.
100Mirrors Extended

The 100Mirrors Extended materials are intended for teachers and career counsellors who wants to incorporate students the 21st century skills of flexibility, responsibility, pro-activity, creativity, sense making, social intelligence, cross cultural competences and entrepreneurial competences from a gender perspective. Due to the gender perspective, these materials can be also used by observatories and professorships in charge of encouraging girls to study technical and scientific degrees or promoting the gender equality and/or for women's networks and associations, enterprising women and other entities or persons interesting in gender.
The materials aims to provide role models of entrepreneurial women and managers in a lot of European countries, as stimulus for women and students to be able identifying themselves and feeling empowered to taking their own steps.

Some of the reasons to be working on this issue are the following:

  • Today the European situation relative to the job market and unemployment oblige the society and the governments to improve the entrepreneurship. And in our opinion the first step is to offer adequate education and training to foster creativity and the willingness to take risks and be independent. The European Commission defined a target for 100% of all students in 2020 to have had certain entrepreneurial experiences, at least once in their school career. Furthermore the European Commission likes to emphasis entrepreneurship amongst specific groups as women.
  • On an other hand, women in the job market keep on having many difficulties to gain and obtain the same conditions as men in general and they have to demonstrate and prove that they have the same capacities, the same skills and their difference as gender are not more than opportunities to reach the goal with all their dedication and sometimes despite the adversity. There is even data today that confirm the backward trend in gender equality in some areas, due to the economic crisis.

In this project, 100Mirrors Extended Project, we present a web space where enterprising women present their experiences, abilities, capacities, limitations and difficulties they have to face up to, and who they have managed to achieve it; and we provide teachers and career advisers with materials to contextualize those stories of entrepreneurial women in order to promote an enterprising spirit among students and young people and boost their motivation to break through the "glass ceiling”.

All the materials produced are available on the project website and can be used as educational material with the following main objectives:

  • promoting the entreprenueurial activities among young women, as well as woman who are willing to re-orient their professional career;
  • suggest women ways of understanding and dealing with their difficulties in achieving their career goals;
  • develop awareness among young people about the depth of the barriers still exiting for women’s career;
  • suggest consideration for an entrepreneurial career among young women who have not yet sized it up;
  • make women and young people more aware of the difficulties dealt by women as well as ways of addressing them;
  • make young woman more selfconfident about their professional/career path

The following impact within the final users is expected:

  • To raise awareness among young people in general of the transversal skills to face and manage running a personal and / or professional project or enterprise.
  • Women and young girls will witness a real and tangible experience through videos which represent a direct resource and help them to improve their acknowledgement to face the future with positivity.
  • Women entrepreneurs with common point of view in front of entrepreneurship will wish to share and comment on their expertise.



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