Julia Muchwitsch

It all makes sense. And the sixth sense is the best sense

About me

NAME: Julia Muchwitsch

COUNTRY: Austria

CITY: Graz


BACKGROUND: School leaving certificate/Foundation Degree

ACTION/SECTOR: Services, art

POSITION: Freelance author, artist, musician, singer




My Background and Career

It started with a poem. I wrote it about a product which was being covered in the GUSTO (my former employer and current business partner) magazine. A Christmas biscuit stand. Yes, that was probably the beginning of my career as a personalised text writer. Then I made the decision to become self employed. After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing on how to go about this, I signed myself up to a business start up seminar. Then off I went! For six weeks. Crazy when I think about it. But it was by no means in vain ...
When I got back home, I was faced with a big fat nothing. How could orders come about, when no one knew about me? Luckily for me I was living with my parents at that time. While acting as a representative for my father I came across the BNI (Business Network International). Through this network, I learned to define my work more accurately, became more confident in making presentations and learned about the possibilities which marketing offered. The result: my first big order, my first success and also my first experience in failure. And finally my name and my work began to become known.
My former employer began to reach out to me again: what was formerly an employment relationship started to become a fruitful business relationship.
My confidence began to increase, and my need for security began to shrink. Experience showed that more and more contracts followed on from each other. There were vocal, instrumental and literary performances, invitations to write book summaries, editorial activities, condolence cards, company histories, poems for private events, translations ...And then, my first appearance on ORF ( the Austrian national broadcaster).


My Experience

Chances and opportunities which had a strong influence on your career path:
1) The opportunity to promote myself and my work while acting as a representative for my father.
2.) My first double page in GUSTO.
3.) An entry into the world of PoetrySlams – thanks to love!
4.) An appearance on Klingendes Austria (an Austrian T.V program).
5.) "Random" encounters, encounters and encounters...

Which challenges have you had to face and overcome in order to get where you are today?:
Book keeping – I was a total greenhorn in terms of money and financial management
Taking on debt and coming up with funds for investment
The conflict between "what I see as possible" vs. "what funds are currently available to implement these possibilities"
Lack of contacts and how to create these contacts
Dreams vs. Reality
How to get myself out there and promote myself and my work
Discovering how I tick and how I can get the best out of myself work wise (which working hours, which working environment suit me etc.)



My Skills

Language skills
Musicality, a sense of rhythm
Imagination / thinking in visuals
General knowledge or knowledge on where to get the necessary information


Hints & Tips

1) Self esteem is not something that can be attained through a diploma. It is something even more important than any of the skills that you acquire at universities and technical colleges. Self esteem is what ultimately brings business your way. If you are also a professional in your field then you have a really winning combination.
2) Always be honest with yourself and your (potential) customers! Who wants to do business with dishonest people? And ultimately it will work to your advantage. The same applies to the type of customer one would ideally like to have: likeable, reliable, satisfied customers who come back again and again. And:
3) Fear is NEVER a good advisor




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