Nasim Miradi en Rosa Vitalie

Nasim Mirade of ROSE stories and Rosa Vitalie graphic designer, are specialists in multicultural projects of story telling in a variety of forms

About me

NAME: Nasim Miradi en Rosa Vitalie

COUNTRY: The Netherlands

CITY: Amsterdam

NATIONALITY: Iran and Dutch

BACKGROUND: Nasim Film and television Science, Rosa Academie of Arts

ACTION/SECTOR: Culture and Services


ORGANIZATION: www.rosestories.nlrosavitalie.nl


My Background and Career

Nasim: After my studies, I worked as project leader for a.o. Women Inc. (an active network) and as producer at Dutch film festivals as IDFA and Cinekid. I reflect yearly upon what I really like to reach in my career. I started the production company ROSE stories Ltd., together with Rashida and Chafina, as a social enterprise. We are looking for stories, where everyone, despite background, could be able to identify with and design them in the proper form. Such as: the cookery book ‘Milk and (palm)Dates’, a children’s book ‘Little MO’ and a documentary about Vloggers ‘My Hijab my business’ or a conference.
Rosa: I am a graphic designer and illustrator. I work for a variety of clients: from house styling of companies, to illustrations for national newspapers. I crawl under the skin of clients, when being active as a graphic designer, while so to say as an illustrator, I crawl out of my own skin. I travelled a lot. I have a child together with my German friend. With them, I experienced the urge of sharing ‘roots stories’. That is one of the reasons I really love to work with ROSE stories’ projects


My Experience

As a social enterprise the Ltd. ROSE stories applies from time to time for project subsidies. We really love working together with specialists, so for each project we form expert teams.
In the cookery book ‘Milk and (palm)Dates’, ROSE stories and Nadia Zerouali (24 kitchen) describe, along the recipes -tasteful with love-, the real stories of the first generation Moroccan women. Thanks to the graphic design of Rosa, the book looks great. We gained immense publicity and a lot of sales with it.
Rosa is also designing the illustrations of our story of a Moroccan girl in the big city. A children’s book titled ‘Little MO’.
We produced a documentary, together with National television NTR and the Muslim Broadcasters, about the ultimate story tellers of our time: Vloggers. My Hijab, My Business part 1 & part 2, here these young business women tell about the world behind their vlogs and their enormous amount of followers.
We have a lot of projects under construction: an art performance of ‘Milk and Dates’, a conference for the producers of television programs: ‘Innoversity Parade’, where worldwide innovative examples will be showed, based on diversity. We like to have an impact, so all people could be able to identify themselves in what is shown on television and other media.



My Skills

Nasim: Our first goal is to realize social impact, our 2nd is to organize it as financial viable as possible. We reinvest the revenues of our projects minus a small living allowance. In 5 years, we hope to be able earning an even better living, out of our projects.
We experienced as skills for success: networking, good contacts, careful relation management, punctual and smooth execution of the process and output of the projects.
Rosa: Important for me is social impact and environmental consciousness. I like to add value to that, with my graphic and illustrative skills


Hints & Tips

Rosa: Trust your own intuition. When you say ‘yes’ to an assignment, feel inside whether it fits with your personal development. Be true to yourself.
Nasim: Organize each year a reflection on your working career: Is this what you really want? What else? What do you want to learn, be capable of or develop? So think big: Who and where do you really want to be?
If you have any notion of a direction, it comes to you, chances will appear. And suddenly you find yourself with a cookery book, a children’s book and a documentary. Lovely.


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