Vesna Milek

Passionate bestselling author and journalist – her specialties are interviews.

About me

NAME: Vesna Milek

COUNTRY: Slovenia

CITY: Ljubljana


BACKGROUND: University degree

ACTION/SECTOR: Journalist, writer, publicist

POSITION: Freelancer



My Background and Career

I interview people, I try to look at the world with their eyes, so the big part of my life is dedicated to extensive and in-depth interviews, which were also published as a collection of interviews in two parts. I don’t see myself to be a journalist in the truest sense of the word. I'm just a person who is interested in people.
I am the author of seven books, among which are three novels. All were in the top sales rankings in Slovenia.

I never planned things in my life, I have just reacted to them - so I responded to the offer to perform in theater in a play directed under well known director Tomaž Pandur - who could reject the role Grushenka in Brothers Karamazov? I also accepted some offers to act in movies. I think the time will come when I'll have to say no journalism – for now I can still say that '' language arouses me at night and compels me to write. ''


My Experience

Certainly I was very influenced by Henry Miller, although he is not the best writer, I could identify with him and perceive him as '' a man of my DNA ''. In fact, I am attracted to all those people who are “hunters of moments”.

It sounds very cliché, but for me it is already a success that I can do what I want. I am very privileged to be able to always talk (when doing the interviews) with such inspiring people. On the other hand, the success is also measurable. Mine is that, for example my novel Cavazza, at least according to present information, was published in more than 10,000 copies, which is for the population of 2 million people a lot. Success is also that for three, four years now, this novel is number one top rented book in libraries. All my books have been reprinted, this is also a success. This means that people like to read what I write - in these days this is a success.

Obstacles? They are in my head and for most of them, I blame myself. I often hide my head in the sand – this is how I am. I also remember obstacles that inflicted a lot of pain, when a certain group of people focused on to discredit me - as a woman, as a person, as a writer - under the pretense that they did not like my first book. In this case it was actually a public lynching.



My Skills

I never knew what I would like to become. Probably the writing was laid in my cradle very early. They said that I knew how to read very early at three, four years. I passionately write, read, talk – even though I am a better writer than talker.  Perhaps it is also important that I respond to life itself, I grasped opportunities which were offered to me at given moment.


Hints & Tips

Women can be the cruelest to other women, but they can also provide each other great support - and you need to learn how to distinguish that very early: who is the woman with who can actually help you grow, and who is the woman, who pretends to help you.

I do not have a life motto, but close to me is quote from Henry Miller: '' If a man lived like he should, he would not write a single word.” And I do not live my life as I should, I'm not perfect, so therefore I write.




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