Andrea Kroupová

she has got her dream job and also because she supports other women in their dream for career

About me

NAME: Andrea Kroupová

COUNTRY: The Czech Republic

CITY: Semily


BACKGROUND: University degree


POSITION: Group Brand Manager

ORGANIZATION: www.preciosa.com


My Background and Career

I was studying at the Technical University (TU) in Liberec technology of fabrics, marketing and pedagogy, all three fields were fully in accordance to my interests - fashion, science and learning, knowledge. And this I keep to follow. Through the jobs at sales and marketing for the fabric company and for the creative advertising agency I got to the PRECIOSA company, the producer of crystal components for the fashion industry. Here I was the product manager, marketing manager and now the brand manager of the whole PRECIOSA Group.

The threats in my case were knowledge only of one world languages, unclear company vision and strategy. Also the return from the maternity leave and balancing the career and family.

My career opportunities: Studying not only technologies (science, technics) but marketing, too (strategy, vision, creativity). Two different fields but very close in my concept - both are about vision, goals and new things.
Job at advertising agency with a big part of creativity and forming.
To be in PRECIOSA in the beginning of its transformation from the production company to the business-marketing one. Company, where technology, science, research are present, but everything is made for fashion and design.
Personal coaching and mentoring.


My Experience

I had to overcome several barriers. Family and social model about a women, who cares for a family, not travelling, not making any career, also my role within a family during the maternity leave and mainly after my return (2 kids) and support of woman in her education and self-realization.
I had to learn to set up myself to dedicate my time and energy to things, which makes sense and are important to me. Also better organize my activities, work and private life in the way of let life happen than trusting clear, rigid and tough plans and schedules. Too, to follow things through to the end and do not create too many project at once.
I had to learn how to catch up my mother role, the fluid role according the real needs, how babies need it. Do I want to see my small kids (4 and 6) growing, upbringing them now or to give up the role and give it to the school, to the kindergarten, to the grandparents, to the school facilities?
The pay inequality, finance handicapping during the maternity leave and the approach after my return from the maternity leave - home-office, baby sitting, kindergartens or company kindergartens were the problems I had to overcome. Also, the pressure of the surroundings to the stable high performance and comparing the contribution of women and men to the topic only considering measurable, not the human factor, customer care, intuition, creativity, patience.
Family helped me that they didn't limit my decisions. They were tolerant to the time demanding job together with MBA studies. They helped me to take care about my children.
The university studies has helped me fundamentally, also new fields of studies, education and science availability - the obvious knowledge and skills for my working field.
I also picked up trainings to support my professional skills and took MBA course where I met people community, having discussions, got new views and new strategic thinking.


My Skills

I have a strong product orientation, vision, clear goal, also my knowledge of marketing tools and technologies helps me, together with creativity and bravery to realize the ideas.
I am persistent, having empathy and humility, patience. I have a will for change and goal orientation. My joy of work, of people and of ideas serves well in reaching the success but also for problem-solving.
I never escape from the fight.
I am able to learn new information and use them in my work.
I know and use techniques to deliver the good result.
I easily communicate and share information.
I like to build partnership.
The personal development through my job is important
I consider the personal development of people I work with as a very important.
I coordinate and motivate my people.
I like to plan and to reach my goals.
I take quick decisions.
I can listen knowledge and advices of others.


Hints & Tips

Nothing is impossible. Everything starts with a dream.
World is in a polarity - everything has its pluses and minuses - when it is not balanced. It is up to us to balance.
Imagine your goal after 5 years’ time. What I want to do, whom I want to be, and observe yourself. How do you feel in it? Is it real, is it "lived", is it you, it is your real you? Or you aren't comfortable? Then it is not your journey.
If so, go through practical steps - write down your plan what you have to do, how much it will cost and who will be working with you to make it happen in 5 years’ time, what you can see now. Create projects, tasks, steps.
Share, consult, and read about what is going on new in your field, who inspires you, how she-he makes it.
Find what you can do different, better.




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