Eliška Vyhnánková

she is original and can find fun a interesting ways to help others to understand and properly use social media

About me

NAME: Eliška Vyhnánková

COUNTRY: The Czech Republic

CITY: Prague


BACKGROUND: University degree





My Background and Career

The most important was the support of my relatives - a chance to do from teens my hobby: computers, the Internet, social networks.
The most important decision about my future direction, i.e. potential threats, fortunately always went well. Each career change gradually led me into a position in which I find myself now.

The biggest internal obstacle always been low self-esteem combined with perfectionism and responsibility - the idea that I do not know and can not know enough. With every satisfied client, this problem is fortunately shrinking and what is important, actually do not perceive it as an obstacle. On the contrary, it leads me to perform better and constant vigilance that really provide the best service.


My Experience

Since I am self-employed, economically it was always about the security of my own needs and in my case mainly to start a business from scratch without borrowing, and I have succeeded. I am financially independent from the beginning, gradually stabilize my personal finances and further develop my capabilities.
My immediate family has always been supportive of my activities, and together with my passion were an important part. I believe that if more parents exercise their expectations, now I probably did not pay his hobby. Fortunately, they always let go my way.
I've never been a fan of traditional education, which in those years greatly lags behind the development of information technologies and information options. Much more important to me were the people that I have met in my life and during the professional way. They taught me, mentored me, pushing, showing the way.



My Skills

I believe that to my current success has been a long journey consisted of my enthusiasm, hard work, a strong responsibility towards others and the constant need to educate.

I am able to learn and put into practice new information in my work.
I know and I use the required techniques to do a good job.
I easily spread and transmit information.
I listen and I pay attention to other people’s problems.
Personal development through my job is important
The personal development of people working with me is important.
In case of arguments I’m looking for peace.
I don’t hesitate to ask for advice.
I am able to use the experience and advice of others.


Hints & Tips

Freedom means responsibility. That's why most people dread the freedom.
If your business is not passion, you'll certainly have more work.
It is always important to work intensively first on yourself. If that does not work, also do not work people around you, neither your business. Try to develop yourself as much as possible and the rest will come by itself.




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