Eva Schober

Create with love and joy :-)

About me

NAME: Eva Schober

COUNTRY: Austria

CITY: Graz


BACKGROUND: University 


POSITION:  Wedding planner

ORGANIZATION: Management of Schober weddings KG " hoch-zeiten.at


My Background and Career

I graduated in the fields of tourism and journalism and I’ve studied psychology and education (graduation 1996). Meanwhile I can resort to 25 years of experience in sales, marketing and events , which I have collected in different companies.

In 2002 I founded " hochzeiten.at ", back then my two children were just born (2000 and 2001 ). My business started growing and since 2005 I have been organizing weddings also in Italy and since 2014 weddings in Slovenia and Croatia are also in my every day business.

In between, I work also as a trainer for future wedding planners and since 2012 I run the training for wedding planers at the Institute for Economic Development in Austria.


My Experience

I always wanted both, a family and a career. In my area of business it is normal to work on evenings and weekends and I do work a lot. Since I have my office at home I have a certain amount of flexibility for my family - this way even stressful time is manageable. Furthermore, the support from my husband and grandparents – especially when the children were small - were important elements for being successful.

Before I’ve founded my business I worked in different companies and I gained a lot of experience in those years. I still benefit from everything that I've done professionally before founding my agency.

Furthermore new jobs, contacts and ideas came to me easily, seemingly without any effort. And in these moments I am filled with a deep certainty: “This is exactly what I want to do”. And then I no longer doubt myself but really start to work myself through these projects. Step by step.


My Skills

Organizational skills, professionalism, accuracy, reliability, friendliness, the ability to bring things to the point, flexibility, high level of commitment, entrepreneurial thinking, ability to work in a team, communication skills, creativity, problem- and conflict solving ability.


Hints & Tips

Ask yourself what you really want. What are your skills? What can you better than many others? What would you do, even though you would get paid for it?

I am convinced that what when you love what you do the chance to succeed is the highest.

Do everything with love and joy. Try to find the joy in everything.

Delegate things you suck at.

Appreciate the people you work with - customers, employees and business partners.

Be courageous and open to new ideas.

challenges should be fun – be glad to have some.





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