Mr. Louise Doorman

Legal specialist advisor in media law, developing herself to a broader and higher terrain.

About me

NAME: Mr. Louise Doorman

COUNTRY: The Netherlands

CITY: Huizen


BACKGROUND: University Theater + Law

ACTION/SECTOR: Legislation (Law+Jusitice)

POSITION: Owner, Legal advisor, specialist Media Law.

ORGANIZATION: www.louisedoorman.nl


My Background and Career

After my study of Theatre Science, I experienced the media were not waiting for me. On the contrary, they were looking for people with knowledge of ‘contracts’ and legal issues. So I changed to studying Law. Now I am a ‘super-specialist’ in Media Law and copyrights, in the triangle: media, government and producers. As employee I learned a lot. For 3 years I worked in the private sector with a producer. I changed for the government side: For 10 years I worked at the commissioner’s office of the Media, as legal advisor and chief of the legal department. After that time we started our own legal partnership ‘Denkk’ for 7 years. Because I like to be more flexible, I have a one-person firm now, since January 2015. In this market of budget-cuts, I also like to reduce business costs and be able to offering a variety of services for different prices ( for example for youngsters). And I like to recruit different specialists per project (also my former partners). Above all, I like to develop myself and my working area much wider, than only media.

My Experience

Having my own practice, I organize my week in such a way, to be able having enough time for networking.  To be able working as a commissioner, may be also in another sector with social impact, I like to develop myself much wider.  I get enormous support and tips of other women, which helps me in that new direction. I am not in a hurry though, because I really love being a specialist in media law and happily been asked a lot for it. At the other hand it is a challenge and an exciting search, from specialism to a wider development, with a maybe even ‘higher’ impact.



My Skills

The adviser need to be a good listener, having your own legal practice. Always looking for the real problem and what’s beneath that. You need to be able to summarize and developing good skills in cooperation. Actually I am also a writer, an editor: I am not always arranging contracts, I also write a lot of e-mails, in different tones and styles. To do my job, you must love language.


Hints & Tips

Be curious. Open up to the world. Look for change. Stimulate and develop yourself, always. Keep a good balance between tension and relaxation.


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