Sabina Scholtens

Accountant who is in a partner program to become one of the first female partners in her firm, while combining it with being co-owner of a carpentry factory.

About me

NAME: Sabina Scholtens

COUNTRY: The Netherlands

CITY: Zaanstreek


BACKGROUND: University Fiscal Law

ACTION/SECTOR: Finance and Industry

POSITION: Accountant at Vanhier and co-owner of the Building & Carpentry Factory Visser

ORGANIZATION: Timmerfabriek Visser , Vanhier


My Background and Career

I am already working for around 15 years in the accountancy field, although I am just 35 years of age. I began, during my study, at Deloitte as an assistant at the tax department. At Berk’s accountancy I grew up to an advisory position. Literarily on a higher floor!  In that same time, my husband and I took over the family business the Building & Carpentry Factory Visser. He is the director, daily manager. I am naturally responsible for finance. Since 2011 I am working at Vanhier accountants and advisors, as the ‘doctor’ of SME entrepreneurs. Because, I like to be also an entrepreneur in my own profession, I follow a partnership program to becoming one of the first female partners at Vanhier. I attend a coach for that target. Our two children does not miss much attention and affection, because of the lovely support of my parents, the childcare and the schools. Although we placed a bed for my son in the carpentry factory, when he was younger!

My Experience

I feel it quite important to work as a team. I cannot do my work without the supporting work of the receptionist and other workers. You work together on receiving good results. At Vanhier, we organise the yearly Ladies Night. We offer female entrepreneurs a platform, we share knowledge, together with other professionals in our network. We hardy see this category of women in the Employers Clubs, however the women have a lot of questions too. It is stimulating to do, because women are actually quite interactive. Of course it is a spinoff of this activity, when they like to become our clients.



My Skills

‘You get the clients, that belong to you’. Because of the fact, that I combine being an owner of a factory, with my accountancy profession, I do understand, quite deeply, the needs of SME entrepreneurs. Especially if they producing goods. I understand their needs, emotions and sorrows. Sometimes a healthy company, can be brought to the burden of bankruptcy, by negligent actions of others. I then research the case quite profoundly, with or without help of the professionals in our network, to reach solutions.


Hints & Tips

1. ‘Put a ‘dot’ on the horizon, that can be a quite ambitious one’. Even during your study, you figure out, the baggage you need for that goal. And go for it! You have to work hard for let the good things come to you.

2. You have to communicate the goals you want to reach, no one can look into your head, if you don’t say it out loud! With support of others, you can reach your top.


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