Albarosa Macrì

Her professional life is an example of commitment and continuous self-improvement.

About me

NAME: Albarosa Macrì


CITY: Lecce




POSITION: Head of School


My Background and Career

I graduated in Modern Literature from University of Lecce in 1975 and for 10 years or so I have been working with the Department of Modern Literature publishing many articles on contemporary literature.
in 1976 I won the competition to teach in high school and in 1985 I won the competition to teach in Colleges.
in 1999 I taught at the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Literature at the University of Lecce.
In 2003 I obtained an interdepartmental PhD at the University of Lecce.
Finally , in 2005, I won the competiotion to become Head of School.
Today , I manage two colleges in Lecce.



My Experience

When I started to teach in high schools I felt like I was in a train that ran in one direction : the retirement .
for this I started to study foreign languages ​​, I went abroad to improve my skills . I had devoted so much commitment to my family , but I felt empty and I needed to invest my efforts on myself . I obtained Phd from adult, before age 50.
When I became Head of School I faced some challenges . The high school I directed was a difficult reality and my colleagues before me had left because of ongoing conflicts between teachers.
with commitment and patience I was able to accept me as a leader and manage the difficulties that my predecessors had failed to solve .


My Skills

During my career I have been able to develop my leadership skills , integrating them with the skills of mediation and flexibility typical of us women and I had honed in the family .
my character has proved successful during my journey , especially for the stubbornness , security in my ideas and the openness to dialogue


Hints & Tips

Never stop. Not to be satisfied only in the family context . The family is central to everyone but not enough .
intellectual wealth that a woman can achieve through their careers should be a source of richness and growth for the whole family


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