Aureliana Alberici

A pedagogist, full professor and Italian politician

About me

NAME: Aureliana Alberici


CITY: Rome



ACTION/SECTOR: Politics & Government - Education

POSITION: Professor

ORGANIZATION: Roma Tre University

My Background and Career

I was born in Bologna in 1941 , I’m Full Professor at the University of Roma Tre . I’m President of RUIAP ( Rete Universitaria Italiana per l’Apprendimento Permanente) a Network of Universities for Lifelong Learning , which I founded in 2013 along with 33 other Italian Universities .I graduated in Pedagogy at the University of Bologna Alma Master in 1966, with thesis: Culture and Education in Antonio Gramsci, now available at the Museum of Casa Gramsci in Ghilarza. After graduation, I actively participated in the cultural and political life of my city: until 1986 I was Professor of Pedagogy and History of Pedagogy at the Faculty of Education in Bologna and from 1975 to 1984 I was Minister of Education, services for childhood and at the University of Bologna. Since 1987 I have been Professor at the Faculty of Letters in La Sapienza University of Rome and in the same year and until 1996 I was Senator in the lists of the Italian Communist Party. In those years I worked on the legislative front, reform of education systems. After years of intense political participation, since 1996 I returned full time to my work as a scholar and university professor.
In 2011 I founded the RUIAP, the Italian University Network for Lifelong Learning, and I'm still president.


My Experience

During my career I was lucky because I met professors who taught me the passion for research and that made me believe in myself .
Main difficulties that I faced were born because I married a man who was Secretary of the Italian Communist Party and often political battles against him poured on me and my work I never complained , I have always met the difficulties relying only on my skills .



My Skills

Passion for research, tenacity, social commitment and confidence in my abilities.


Hints & Tips

I worked a lot in terms of support and appreciation of diversity , and I think that the gender discriminations are still today  very strong both in terms of employment that the point of view of political representation ;combating them means to be directly engaged in changing the situation.


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