Danica Purg

 A director and a dean of Bled School of Management and president of CEEMAN organization

About me

NAME: Danica Purg

COUNTRY: Slovenia

CITY: Mlaka pri Kranju


BACKGROUND: University degree in political sciences (University of Ljubljana), Masters and Doctorate degree (University of Belgrade). Training in world known managerial schools: INSEAD Fontainebleau, IMD Lausanne and Harvard Business School


POSITION: Director and Dean - IEDC

ORGANISATIONBled School of Management


My Background and Career

I am a director and a dean of IEDC – Bled School of Management and the president of the International Association for Management Development CEEMAN, connecting over 220 management schools from 55 countries. As a lecturer and a consultant, I work in the areas of leadership, leadership styles and personal development of managers with special emphasis on developing leaders through inspiration arising from the arts and other professions. For my outstanding achievements in the field of international business education, I have received international recognition "Dean of the year" by the Academy of International Management (AIB) in 2010. I am also the author and co-author of several books and numerous articles. I am a member of the International Academy of Management, Honorary Doctor of the Moscow State University for the management and at the Estonian Business School and Honorary Professor at the Moscow Business School (MIRBIS) and the Moscow State University (MESI). The President of the Republic of Slovenia awarded me the Honorary Order of Freedom for my contribution to the development of management in Slovenia as well as Central and Eastern Europe.
I am a member of numerous advisory boards, member of the European Cultural Parliament, President of the Slovenian Society UN for Global Compact, the UN Global Compact, appointed me to a global working group for the development of the principles of responsible management education (PRME - Principles for Responsible Management Education) and in 2013, I was Chair of this committee.


My Experience

The biggest challenge is to discover work or job in which fits your intellectual capabilities and character. Although I shared leadership professional from early youth, it took time to discover in what environment I could develop and my leadership skills and mindset. I found out that the political environment, at least of my early times, asked for more patience and sometimes for a form of dishonesty than I could accept.
I discovered that have a certain talent for teaching, but I discovered also that I wanted to act by myself not only to teach. I learned from my teachers from elementary school, gymnasium and university. I learned from my partner, colleagues and friends.
You have to be open for learning. I organized my life in a way that I found a partner, who understands what I am doing.
However, I am sure, that my job, the mission I feel I have is integrated in all my life, every day.



My Skills

First of all, for all the jobs or professions you need a certain level of talent. Less talent you have per something, more difficult it will for you to perform, even if you collect all necessary skills. For being an entrepreneur, you need the talent of seeing opportunities being courageous, and if you will develop beyond craftsmanship, you need also communicational and networking skills. These are also very important capabilities, when you operate in an international or global environment.  For being a leader you need (besides all this) to have a vison, to feel you have a mission, to be able to inspire other people and to motivate them to work together with you to reach the goals you share, and finally for both it is important to be stubborn and have a lot of energy


Hints & Tips

My best advice is, stay in your own skin and world. It is not necessary for everybody to become successful. Women have advantages in globalizing environment with their right brain capabilities, emotional intelligence, sensitiveness and curiosity. Try to be independent as soon as possible; do not stay in the comfort zone of parents, friends etc. Take responsibility for your own life, even if it makes you unhappy sometimes. Learn as much as you can, more languages you speak, more you the world you will see and understand. Take every job you can get to create the possibility that one day you will finally find the job that is made for you.




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