Anneliese Degen

Who stops getting better has stopped being good.

About me

NAME: Anneliese Degen

COUNTRY: Austria

CITY: Hart bei Graz


BACKGROUND: Vocational education

ACTION/SECTOR: Industry / Services

POSITION: Managing Director



My Background and Career

Based on my personal, negative experience that you do not get an employment as a newly backed mother of 2, I myself, since I’ve founded my company (a cable construction company, in 1988) are trying to give my employees best conditions to balance their family-and work life.
After the birth of my second child, I found (and this was pure luck) a home-work possibility in the field of cable assembly. This opportunity paved the way to my professional independence – it all started out with a single pincer on my home-work station (the coffee table)

Back then, founder centers had not been established, but I was supported by the Styrian Chamber of Commerce.
Today my company counts a team of 8 women and 11 men. We manufacture special cables and cable harnesses for heating technology, medicine - and environmental engineering and elevator technology, as well as cables for the motor development and much more.

Due to many positive experiences the establishment of a climate of joint cooperation is not only of benefit for my employees but it also of benefit for our customers - high quality, delivery reliability and commitment equals a high customer satisfaction, which in turn works well for the company.


My Experience

recognition of my own capabilities an proper assessment
A conscious pursue of small goals and the courage to implement those.
Regular meetings to obtain and exchange knowledge and expertise with customers and suppliers.
A certain requirement is the openness and the joy of your work as well as commitment and discipline, appreciation and, to be more than ready to take on responsibility.

Since I entered a “male domain” (back in 1988), I had to prove my skills& knowledge twice as hard as every man.



My Skills

My work focus is on company management, budgeting, controlling, human resources management shared with production management, accounting as well as discussions with customers and negotiation with suppliers.


Hints & Tips

• To recognize your own capabilities.
• The courage to implement and take on new tasks.
• It is your own inner strength which liberates enthusiasm for a successful realization of new projects.




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