Main Results



  Need analysis Report “Looking at Women” (EN) 
Needs Report

An approach to women situation in Europe to identify the presence and participation by women in the different economical sectors, particularly contemplating the situation of women in the countries participating in 100Mirrors Extended project. The main aim is to identify gender gaps to know the possible causes consolidating this situation of inequality between women and men, and provide recommendations aimed at achieving balanced participation and driving social equality. This report can provide advisers to:

  • clarify, up-to-date material to work on equality and empowering women in the educational sphere
  • provide materials to contextualise the stories of entrepreneurial women (Mirrors portraits)
  • identify, through the words of women themselves, what capabilities, skills, difficulties, demands and advice they highlight from their own experiences with the ultimate aim of increasing awareness in youngsters about the necessary skills to start and implement a professional/business project.
  200 women portraits 
200 Women portraits

Under the name of 200 Portraits you can find 200 stories about entrepreneur women or women that have broken the glass ceiling in 10 European countries. The biggest collection of European female entrepreneurial stories on internet with women portraits translated in different languages (available in 8 languages) and videos interviews all subtitled in English. Success stories told by women of their intra- entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial attitudes, learning topics and tips to young women. Different stories of super top women in high above functions in hierarchy, entrepreneurs with a long history, where students can look up to; but also proactive women employed or self-employed with stories where students can relate to and recognise themselves in the choices they are up to. All role-models like to inspire and motivate the new generation to ‘Taking your own steps by learning it is possible!’ You can search the stories in 3 ways:

  • By a specific country: 10 European countries
  • By economical sector: 10 different economical sectors
  • By teaching topics: 5 different topics related to women from 7 European countries


 Manual Focus on Your Future (EN)  

Manual for Teachers and Career counsellors with tips and resources to enrich classroom practices with students or youngsters in training or career counselling. Those resources are linked to the contents of the portraits and can be used as tools, case-studies or examples, when you regularly not quite often use women as lead of certain subjects and want to improve identification means for female students. There are 5 different Teaching topics: Career development, Lead as a woman in a men’s world, Work & Life balance, Your own business and The power of mentoring & networking. In each of these topics you can find:

  • General overview and aims of the topic
  • Specific list of themes with links to women stories
  • Learning outcomes and other resources regarding the topic


 The Community   

Under the Community page you can find three different sections: the 100Mirrors Channel on Youtube, the 100Mirrors Page on Facebook and the Blog Women Talk. These three tools want to be a communication media with teachers, employment counselors, women entrepreneurs and people interested in gender issues. The objective is to provide interesting information and resources about gender, entrepreneurship and more success stories about women from all around the world to be used to enrich teacher’s classroom practice and career counselor’s advices.

  • The You Tube 100Mirrors Channel with direct access to Mirror women entrepreneurs videos and other interesting videos
  • The Community in Facebook, a community of people growing where teachers, career counselors, women entrepreneurs, etc. can find news to be used as learning topics and information about project activities
  • The Blog “Women Talk” where partners post a new story of women each week in some of partner’s languages (categories); those stories can be from partner’s countries or other countries around the world.


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