Aims & Objectives

100Mirrors Extended

The 100Mirrors Extended materials are intended for teachers and career counsellors who wants to incorporate students the 21st century skills of flexibility, responsibility, pro-activity, creativity, sense making, social intelligence, cross cultural competences and entrepreneurial competences from a gender perspective. Due to the gender perspective, these materials can be also used by observatories and professorships in charge of encouraging girls to study technical and scientific degrees or promoting the gender equality and/or for women's networks and associations, enterprising women and other entities or persons interesting in gender.
The materials aims to provide role models of entrepreneurial women and managers in a lot of European countries, as stimulus for women and students to be able identifying themselves and feeling empowered to taking their own steps.

Some of the reasons to be working on this issue are the following:

  • Today the European situation relative to the job market and unemployment oblige the society and the governments to improve the entrepreneurship. And in our opinion the first step is to offer adequate education and training to foster creativity and the willingness to take risks and be independent. The European Commission defined a target for 100% of all students in 2020 to have had certain entrepreneurial experiences, at least once in their school career. Furthermore the European Commission likes to emphasis entrepreneurship amongst specific groups as women.
  • On an other hand, women in the job market keep on having many difficulties to gain and obtain the same conditions as men in general and they have to demonstrate and prove that they have the same capacities, the same skills and their difference as gender are not more than opportunities to reach the goal with all their dedication and sometimes despite the adversity. There is even data today that confirm the backward trend in gender equality in some areas, due to the economic crisis.

In this project, 100Mirrors Extended Project, we present a web space where enterprising women present their experiences, abilities, capacities, limitations and difficulties they have to face up to, and who they have managed to achieve it; and we provide teachers and career advisers with materials to contextualize those stories of entrepreneurial women in order to promote an enterprising spirit among students and young people and boost their motivation to break through the "glass ceiling”.

All the materials produced are available on the project website and can be used as educational material with the following main objectives:

  • promoting the entreprenueurial activities among young women, as well as woman who are willing to re-orient their professional career;
  • suggest women ways of understanding and dealing with their difficulties in achieving their career goals;
  • develop awareness among young people about the depth of the barriers still exiting for women’s career;
  • suggest consideration for an entrepreneurial career among young women who have not yet sized it up;
  • make women and young people more aware of the difficulties dealt by women as well as ways of addressing them;
  • make young woman more selfconfident about their professional/career path

The following impact within the final users is expected:

  • To raise awareness among young people in general of the transversal skills to face and manage running a personal and / or professional project or enterprise.
  • Women and young girls will witness a real and tangible experience through videos which represent a direct resource and help them to improve their acknowledgement to face the future with positivity.
  • Women entrepreneurs with common point of view in front of entrepreneurship will wish to share and comment on their expertise.



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