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100MIRRORS ExtendedThe current 100Mirrors Extended Project originated through another European Project carried out between 2011-2013, the “100Mirrors Project”, with participation by 5 European countries (Spain, United Kingdom, France, Poland and Greece within the Lifelong Learning Programme). The principal objective of the former project was, given the lack of feminine benchmarks, to highlight and show models/examples of enterprising women (Mirrors) in any scope: social or business project.

According to the priority aims of the Erasmus+ Programme, the 100Mirrors Extended Project furthers previous objectives to five new European countries (Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, in addition to Greece and Spain) and focus on a new target group, teachers in higher education and career counselors, with the aim to present project contents as educational resources.

We have developed 3 main products:

  1. A need analysis Report with an approach to women situation in Europe: activity and entrepreneurship.
  2. The biggest collection of European female entrepreneurial stories on internet with women portraits translated in different languages and videos interviews subtitled in English
  3. A manual for teachers and career counsellors with tips to use the portraits in the educational system for students on specific learning or guidance points.

Under that perspective this project can be interesting for:

  • Teachers - of Degrees, Postgraduates and Masters, in subjects that are related to entrepreneurialism, organisation and management of businesses; subjects related to Labour Sciences, such as Human Resources and Career Advice, or teachers involved in Social Sciences, which could include equality as a transversal subject or the analysis of social reality. There is also the possibility of use by teachers of other more removed disciplines, in a transversal manner, to discuss the subject of (in)equality while teaching their subject with examples of interesting women.
  • Organisations/Departments in universities who are in charge of career advisers for students in their last year of study, and who task is to help/guide them to join the job market. These departments or organizations should provide students with a view of the current job market situation.
  • Observatories and professorships within universities that are in charge of organising talks, training courses and events such as Girl's Days to encourage girls to study technical and scientific degrees, or Women’s and Gender Masters Studies, located in different Faculties.
  • Continuous Professional Training dealing with entrepreneurialism, career advice, but also women's networks and associations, business and management associations, enterprising women and students who are interested in this subject.
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