Athanasia Xafara

Prize-winning Audiovisual Applications Company Founder

About me

NAME: Athanasia Xafara


CITY: Volos


BACKGROUND: Vocational Education

ACTION/SECTOR: Culture & Sport, Services

POSITION: Owner, Manager



My Background and Career

I studied photography and filming fifteen years ago. Since then I have been in audiovisual applications sector. I worked in a photography studio for four years and took active part in the creation of twelve documentaries and advertising spots. Then I worked for an e-learning company and participated in five Web-based courses development projects. In 2007 I set up the 9 pics audiovisual applications company in Volos, Greece. Over the past five years of its operation, the company has produced 21 documentaries and 28 advertising spots. It has also taken part in seven European projects and has won first prize at the Pan-Hellenic Advertising Spot Competition and recognition for its productions at international festivals. I have the opportunity to know several top film professionals. I have considerable previous experience in business organization and management. The audiovisual applications are an innovative product. There is also lack of competition in the market.

My Experience

I did not have the resources to purchase new equipment and invest in ongoing training in new applications. Fortunately I had no family problems. I was quite stressed and cautious about having a larger family. My character did not allow for social discrimination. As usual extra cash is needed in the market. My education and training, my character, my personal and professional relationships help me in my trajectory


My Skills

Among my competences, I am able to learn and put into practice new information in my work. I am a good communicator. I listen and I pay attention to people’s problems. My own personal development through my work is important. The individual development of people working with me is important. In case of arguments I look for peaceful solutions. I coordinate and motivate the staff. I like to work as a team I schedule activities and organie myself well. I solve problems and I find solutions. I like to have objectives and to reach my goals. I don’t hesitate to ask for advice. I am able to use the experience and advice of others.

Among my qualities I’m active, independent, persistent, optimistic, trusting, practical, confident, open-minded, creative, impatient, and far-sighted.



Hints & Tips

My advice to other women A new entrepreneur should first set some clear targets for careful consideration, including:
•    Her own business niche to operate in
•    Funds required to purchase standard equipment as well as funding opportunities available
•    Business location so that your target market is easily attracted
•    Business viability in terms of innovation, competitiveness, high return on investment and debt reduction within reasonable time limits

Next she should be armed with the boldness and determination required to efficiently manage her business and successfully combine her career with her private life.
Deep down every woman is aware of her weaknesses. Still, she finds it difficult to admit and try to overcome them. A business is a living entity that needs good care, a great deal of personal time and a lot of dedication to develop properly and be viable. A new entrepreneur should know herself and be ready to face the challenges. In my opinion, weaknesses that should be overcome include:
•    Insecurity
•    Selfishness
•    Arrogance
•    Tendency to postpone decisions
•    Waste of money
•    Negative thought

About entrepreneurship:
Effective communication with customers
Decision making affecting the company’s viability and competitiveness
Crisis management
Adaptation to team work and partnerships
Intimate knowledge of the market and view sharing with older professionals (communication development)



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