• The 100Mirrors Extended project, promoted by Erasmus+, wants to increase competences by the members of the Education Community, among others, and improve the educational and training capabilities of teachers for employability of students, with the ultimate goal of promoting entrepreneurship among women and boost their motivation to break the "glass ceiling".                                                                                                          Read More
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Looking at Women Report

An approach to women situation in Europe: their working situation on five different economical sectors and what they think and feel about entrepreneurship.

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200 women portraits

Under the name of 200 Portraits are 200 hidden stories about entrepreneur women or women that have broken the glass ceiling. Stories of Mirror Women where others may be reflected.

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Focus on Your Future

Manual for Teachers and Career counselors with tips and resources for using the contents of the portraits with students or young in training or career counseling

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Navigation on Portraits

By Country

Find the women portraits by country. There are women from 10 different European countries.


By Sector

Find the women portraits searching in 10 economical sectors as Education, Industry, Bank & Finances, etc.


By Teaching topic

Find the women portraits searching in Teaching topics as Start a business, Women in a men’s world or the power of mentoring among other .




Find mentoring-coaching, women networks and support to enterpreneurship resources in the participating countries

The 100Mirrors Extended Community

Blog Women Talk

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